Rough Road

Happy to Hopeless to Happy. My life was like riding on a rollercoaster.  Up.  Then down.  Then up.  Because of drugs and alcohol.  My childhood.  College.  Marriage.  We’re happy.  Suddenly hopeless.  When my wife got into drugs and alcohol.  Now happy.  Because the life lessons I learned.  

Rising from no hope.  To a happy life I never would have imagined   I want you to benefit from my journey.  For your life.  And your family’s lives.  Becoming far-better than your wildest dreams.  

My childhood was happy.  Like a storybook.   Great family.  Good grades. Horses.  Sports.  Choir.  Church.  Liked by everyone.  Classmates.  Parents.  Teachers.  College.  The same.

Happy after graduation.  Marriage.  Two daughters.  Career success.  With international companies.  Landed my dream job,  Partnership in a marketing consulting firm. My life couldn’t be better.

Suddenly.  Out-of-the blue. Earthquake.  My world fell apart. In a split second.  Because my wife got into drugs and alcohol.  Destroyed our family.  Most important. Destroyed me.  Did I see it coming?  Absolutely not.  Our family instantly broke apart.  

I found myself. Divorced.  Alone.  Terrified.  Confused.  Lost. Suicidal. Hopeless. With no answers.  Only one question.  “Why me?”

After 18 months of hell on earth.  Blessing from God.  Book on alcoholism.  Made sense.  My wife’s an alcoholic and addict.  Offered me speck of hope.   

How could I fix her?  I tried everything.  Books.  Religion.  Counseling.  Nothing worked.

Road to Recovery

Then an angel.  A dear friend.  Taught me to change.  My thinking.  My actions.  By living.  One day at a time. Change from hopeless to happy.  Not overnight.  Moment by moment.

I want to help you prevent what happened to me and our family.  By sharing with you the answers to your many questions.  And the lessons I’ve learned in my journey.  

Make you and your family happier and better than ever.