As a parent of a teenager, most of all you must constantly on guard for changes in your teenager.  Because your teen’s words are often meaningless.  Therefore look with your eyes for drug addiction early warning signs.  Actions never lie.

First of all look for emotional changes

Positive to Negative

Your teen’s always looked at the glass as half full.  And now the glass is half empty.  Consider this example.  Your teen 99% of the time likes school.  While lately.  “School’s boring.  Classes stink.  Teacher picks on me.  It’s all a waste of time.”  Finally “I hate school.”

Emotional Changes

Also emotional drug addiction early warning signs include your teen being edgy, secretive, defensive and angry.  Your teen flies off the handle when asked a simple question.  “How was school today?” You get back.  “I don’t want to talk about it.”  In addition to “Stop asking me about school.”  Your teen also become secretive when you ask.  “When I was cleaning your room I saw you your last history test but I didn’t look at it?”  Your teen replies.  “I want you to stay out of my room and quit snooping through my things.”


Furthermore you discover your teen’s negative emotions cover lies.  You calmly ask.  “Since I didn’t look at your history test, I’d like you to show it to me.”  Your teen says in a cool and calm manner, “The teacher said the test didn’t count because she realized we hadn’t yet covered two of the questions.”  A week later at the parent-teacher conference you find out that was a lie.

Now look at physical changes

Changes in Looks

Early warning drug addiction signs also include dramatic changes in your teen’s looks.  From physically healthy.  To a sudden weight loss.  Five pounds is no big deal.  Anywhere from ten to 25 pounds a concern.  Colorful clothes.  Maybe even preppy.  To everything dark.  Strange accessories. Black leather.wrist bands.  Black makeup.  Even a tattoo without asking permission,  Dramatic changes from light to dark are more than early warning drug addiction signs.  You can consequently believe your teen’s at best hanging out with undesirable kids.  At worst your teen’s using drugs.

Finally watch for behavior changes

Dropping old friends, favorite interests and activities

Let’s be realistic.  Teenagers make changes that often make no sense.  Their BFF.  Best friend forever.  No longer comes over.   And the countess phone calls.  Suddenly stop. Most of all watch out for “Huge Red Flag early warning drug addiction signs like dropping all friends going back to grade school.  And replacing them with new friends that you don’t know. No longer listening to pop music.  Instead it’s grunge, rap and acid rock. And quitting activities that your teen’s always loved.  Choir.  Dance.  Debate.  Cheerleading.  Football.

Money too little or too much

While every teenager moans and groans about never having enough money, be on alert for early warning drug addiction signs.  Too little or no money for necessities.  School lunches, gas or a new tire.  Constant complaining about having no money and whining about working to earn it.  “I hate my after school job.”  “Why can’t you just give me money for my car?”  “I need to drop out of school and get a job.”  On the other hand.  Take note when you teen doesn’t complain.  And has lots of money and new things like every new phone and electronics that hit the market.  Possibly early warning drug addiction signs your teen’s dealing drugs.

School problems

Some come gradually.  Some are dramatic.  First of all look for low grades on homework, papers and tests.  Also don’t accept excuses your teen’s grades drop from A’s and B’s to C’s.  Schedule a face-to-face meetings with your teen, each teacher and you.  Furthermore when your teen starts getting D’s and F’s realize it’s not due to poor study habits.  Understand your teen has a drug problem. and talk with the school counselor, nurse and principal who deal with this every day.

Drug addiction early warning signs conclusions

Drug addiction early warning signs point to a problem.  But in reality they’re a blessing.  Therefore. you must get into action to save your teen’s life.  .As a result of a drug problem your teen’s on a path that has only two endings…..death or recovery.  Consequently you need to observe and take the next right steps.  Because it’s up to you to save your teen’s life.


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