Drug Addiction

Another Monday morning.  Also another crazy week.  First of all.  Knock on my son’s bedroom door.  “Rise and shine.”    No answer.  Warning sign #1. Drug addiction.

And then quick trip to the bathroom. Knock number two. “Get up. You’ll be late for school.”  Silence. Warning sign #2.  Drug addiction.

Two minutes later.  Another.  Louder.  “I said. Get up. You’ll be late for school.”  No reply.  Another Warning sign #3.  

Shave.  Shower.  Dress.  Downstairs.  Kitchen.  Make coffee. In addition.  One more time.  Much louder.  “For the second time.  Get up. You’ll be late for school.”  It’s really the third time.  But who’s counting?  His first sign of life.  Groans.  Warning sign #4.  

Out to the driveway.  Pick up the paper.  Finally yell upstairs.   “One last time.  Get up.  I mean it.”   Hence.  More groans.  Now with moans.  Warning sign #5.  

Paper.  Coffee.  Consequently.  Screaming.  “Damn it.  For the last time. Get up.  Get downstairs. Right this minute.  I’ve got to get to work.”  He yells back. “Stop yelling.  I’m coming.”  Warning sign #6.  Drug addiction.

As a result.  Finally emerges.  Half asleep.  Disheveled.  Wrinkled shirt.  Saggy pants.  Stinks. Total mess.  “Why didn’t you wake me earlier?”  Unbelievable.  Warning sign #7.  

“Just shut up.  And get in the car.  I’ve got to get to work.”  Smartass reply.  “Not my problem.”  Warning sign #8.  

Not a word. 12 minute drive to school.  I want to hit him.  Warning sign #9.  

Arrival.  Gets out.  Says nothing.  Sarcastically.  “Have a nice day son.”  Drive off.  Angry beyond belief.  Warning sign #10. 

Ten drug addiction warning signs.  Every day morning.  Every day.  Therefore.  Ask yourself.  What Can I Do?

Definition of insanity

“Insanity is doing the same thing more than one time.  Expecting a different result.”  Finally.  Admit you’re insane.  Your morning routine.  Day after day.  Drug addiction.  Warning signs.  If that’s not insanity what is?  Just admit it.  You then have a glimmer of hope.

Parent Goal:

Most of all.  Start your day with a prayer.  “Help me.  Amen.” Get on the Internet. To learn more about drug addiction.  And how together we solve it.


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