Let’s examine the top five problems between parents and teens.  Start with problem #1 Teen Communication.  Communication is the fundamental problem. It’s the foundation for the relationship between your teenager and you.  It’s been said many times communication between father and daughter. is very difficult.  If not impossible.  But the who is “It” that says this?

#1 Problem: Teen Communication

For example, you say to your teenage daughter, “Don’t bring your phone to the dinner table.”  What happens?  She brings her phone to the dinner table.  What’s the cause?  The instruction was unclear and misunderstood.  Your daughter didn’t listen to you.  She simply ignores you. She’s busy texting.  The reasons are almost endless.

Whatever the cause.  The cell phone’s at the dinner table.  Perhaps its the cell phone’s fault.  If this is the first time it happens.  You probably ignore it and say nothing.  Assume it’s not the first time.  Nor the second, third or fourth.  It happens almost all the time.  When it happens for the umpteenth time, without thinking, you explode.  “If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a hundred times.  Don’t bring your damned phone to the dinner table.”

What then happens after your explosion?  Your daughter breaks down into a torrent of tears.  And counters with, “Don’t yell at me.  You always yell at me.  You don’t love me.”  Chances are good she doesn’t continue to sit at the table.  And gird herself for another round of this battle royal.  She probably bolts from the table.  Alternately crying hysterically and sobbing uncontrollably.  Runs to her room.  Slams the door.  And throws herself on her bed.  Clutching her phone.

Furthermore, her mother,  Your wife.  Not only jumps up and heads for her child’s bedroom, but also blames you with the damning comment, “Now see what you’ve done.”

And all you want is a nice, peaceful dinner with the wife and children you love.  You think, “All of this over a cell phone. Unbelievable.”  More important.  On your own.  You come up with the solution to this catastrophe.  You’re going to take her cell phone for a week.  Thus solving the cell phone problem.  At least for seven days.  Maybe this will work.  Probably won’t.  But what else can you do?

Solution: Teen Communication

Admit it the cell phone is not the problem,  Teen communication is the problem and the solution.  Rather than, “Don’t bring your phone to the dinner table.”  Briefly and calmly request, “Let’s have a peaceful family dinner with no outside interruptions,  Let’s all turn off our cell phones,  And take a moment to think about the blessings we had today.”  

What do you think?  Which one will you use at your next dinner?

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